Hot Summer Days

The days are getting hotter! Watch out for heat-linked illnesses like heat stroke! Here are a few things to be mindful of on particularly hot days:

-Dogs weighing over 110 lbs, elderly, and/or flat faced pups are more prone to heat-linked illnesses.
-DO NOT leave your pet(s) in the car!
-Short and/or white haired animals, especially with pink skin, can get sunburns. Putting sunscreen on their nose and ears can help those exposed areas.
-Avoid running your dog(s).

If you notice your dog panting excessively, help them cool down by placing them in a cooler environment with plenty of water. If their panting doesn’t seem to lessen within five minutes, get them to an emergency clinic promptly!

By giving your dog(s) plenty of access to cool spaces with A/C, fans, and lots of water, you will help keep them healthy during these hot, summer days!

Keep cool and stay safe!

~Dr. Engstrom and Team