Travel Safety Tips

Traveling safety tips for you and your pets:

  • Life jackets save lives! This includes your pets when going out on the water with them. No matter how well your pet(s) can swim, consider equipping them with a life vest when taking them out on the boat.
  • Never leave a pet loose in a truck bed or similar spaces. Serious trauma or death have resulted from dogs falling out (intentional or not). Cross tie them or place a central tether in the floor of the truck bed, always using a SHORT lead. Long leads can still allow a pet to fall out and be dragged or choke to death.
  • Seat belts also add a measure of safety for your pet(s) when traveling by car.
No matter how smart, talented, and athletic your pet is, keeping these tips in mind will make for safe trips and lots of fun times!

~Dr. Engstrom and team.