Christmas is Upon Us

All that glitter, tinsel and high calorie food can be deadly to pets.  Keep ribbon and tinsel away from dogs and cats.  We often get intestinal blockage from pets playing with yarn, tinsel, ribbon and strings.

All the rich chocolates and high fat foods are also deadly for our pets.  We see chocolate toxicity and pancreatitis from food indiscretions.  Do not leave your treats unattended.

Turkey bones are another hazard.  Good for the teeth? Maybe if they don’t crack a tooth, but the risk of an intestinal upset isn’t worth it.

The alcoholic beverages are also toxic to our pets, so keep your beverages up high and do not leave them on a coffee table or floor to be consumed in a moments inattention.

Please do share a little fat free turkey with them and maybe a little pumpkin pie without the crust!

Have a Blessed Christmas!